4-211T Amado Haptic Holder "Perfect Flanger"

“The Perfect Flanger (Rumex 4-211T) is a forceps made of titanium which has a 150 μm deep groove (75 μm for each arm) at the grasping end, combined with a 1 mm long reference cylinder attached to it. Having a grooved grasping end allows for a gentle way of holding the haptics, thus diminishing the possibility of an unwanted trauma. This is especially important when holding poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA) haptics, which tend to kink more easily than polyvinyl fluoride (PVDF) ones, making it impossible to continue the surgery in a safe manner when it happens. In addition, having a 1 mm reference cylinder saves surgery time by sparing the need for several measurements with different tools such as a caliper, professional ruler, or ink markers to assure the correct distance between the haptic tip and the forceps holding it.”

Amado Sebastian, M.D.


Read the full article https://journals.lww.com/jcro/fulltext/2023/01000/perfect_flanger_forceps__standardizing_flange.2.aspx

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