Crocodile gripping vitreoretinal forceps 12-304-23

It had enough stiffness so it doesn’t  easily bend with more aggressive moves, a problem I have with some disposable instruments, especially those with smaller gauges.  The visibility of the instrument is good, the reflections against the light pipe were minimized.  The gripping action against the membranes were precise and solid, so I was able to elevate the membranes easily and able to stop once I know that neofibrovascular  bleeding might occur. A safe and more extensive membrane peeling was done  through this instrument.  I like the textured finish of the titanium  handle and its round shape that fits my fingers ergonomically and prevents slippage against my surgical gloves.  Offhand, I would say that it is a very reliable and versatile instrument and I would recommend it to all vitreoretinal surgeons.


Dr. Vicente Santos

Vitreo-retinal Surgeon. President

Fatima University Medical Center